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Project Experience
PSE offers a wide range of engineering services. Following is a partial list of PSE project experience.

  • A study on international plastic piping standards and literature search for the Pressure Vessel Research Council (New York, NY); results published as WRC Bulletin 415, Sept. 1996.
  • Design/specification and procurement of a jacketed Hastelloy reactor and agitator.
  • Redesign and procurement of a high-temperature process desuperheater.
  • Stress analysis of a jacketed process piping system for a Houston, Texas facility.
  • Safety-relief valve/rupture disc size verification and documentation (OSHA 1910.119).
  • Remaining life and equipment integrity evaluation of various process equipment.
  • Risk analysis and design/bid specification for a secondary-containment pipeline in lethal service (jointly with Dr. Brown, QED).
  • Equipment and piping design, mechanical engineering, specifications and procurement support services for a new facility in South Carolina (P&IDs, pipeline lists, line sizes, tanks, agitators, pumps and specialty equipment).
  • Hose failure evaluation for product liability.
  • Finite element analysis of a process reactor to optimize maximum pressure rating.
  • Thermal rating and mechanical design of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger in high temperature service.
  • Stress analysis and restraint specifications of superheated steam piping and feedwater piping for a new boiler installation.
  • Review of steam distribution piping for ASME Code compliance.
  • Fitness-for-service assessment of a glass-lined, jacketed reactor vessel.
  • Site-wide cooling water system piping design and specifications, including PFDs and pressure drop calculations through all existing equipment.
  • Finite element analysis of manway cover with oversized bolt holes.
  • Failure analysis and design proposal of a rotating furnace support ring.
  • Finite element evaluation for temporary fitness-for-service of an atmospheric tank buckling problem.
  • Thermal stress analysis evaluation of an ethylene oxide reactor by finite element method.
  • Project management and complete multi-discipline design engineering for major manufacturing facility expansion projects (PFDs, scope, P&IDs, equipment specifications, CAD/design drafting, cost and schedule, E&I, civil/structural and project administration). Major projects have included a $6.5MM chemical plant expansion in Delaware, and an $96M polymer plant expansion in New Jersey.
  • Process kinetics and multi-phase flow computations of relief device size for a process reactor.
  • Finite element analysis of a chemical reactor for temperature and service life limits.
  • Fitness-for-service of process compressor, including MOC validation and finite element analysis.
  • Evaluation, design improvements and procurement of polymer reactors and agitators.
PSE activities also have included audits of equipment and piping systems; surveys of equipment manufacturers facilities; preliminary design engineering and preparation of detailed project cost estimates; plant specifications/standards review/revision; and various CAD/design drafting services.