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Project Management

Scope-of-Work Definition

Cost Engineering and Scheduling

Project Estimating

Procurement Assistance

Design and Bid Specifications


Jacketed Chemical Reactor

FEA Fatigue Analysis


Process Mechanical

PFD and P&ID Development

Pipeline Sizing

Pressure-Relief Device Sizing, Specification and Documentation

Equipment and Piping Specifications

Pump and Agitator Specifications


Process Compressor

Fitness-for-Service Evaluation

Hazardous Duty Reactor
Rupture Disk Modification


Mechanical Analysis and Design

Stress Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Vessel Fatigue/Remaining Life

Exchanger Thermal Rating and Design

Piping Flexibility Analysis


Petrochemical Reactor
Thermal-Mechanical FEA

Investigative Engineering

Investigation and Analysis

Studies and Reports

Expert Testimony